WATCH: This Pakistani Taxi Driver In Dubai Can Certainly Beat You in Filipino! He Even Mastered Tongue Twisters and 'Pusong Bato!'

Hussain has been driving his taxi around the cities of Dubai for 10 years and one of the most amazing thing he acquired from it is his ability to speak the Filipino language fluently.
This Pakistani taxi driver had been conversing with numerous Filipinos in Dubai for a decade. His experiences with them enabled him to speak the Filipino language like he was a native himself.
Several videos of him speaking in Filipino while talking to his Pinoy passengers made it to social media's trending topics.
One of his videos was courtesy of Richard Bok Viray, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Dubai who happened to be one of his passengers.
In his video, Viray asked Hussain about the anticipated traffic to which Hussain replied with a straight Filipino answer.
"Walang traffic, walang sasakyan, bakante na daan," Hussain answered cheerfully.
Their conversation went on until Hussain shared a bit about his own lovelife. According to him, he does not have a girlfriend at the moment.
"Pakistani ako… Wala ako jowa. Lagi ako hanap ng jowa, pero wala ako swerte. Malas ako," the taxi driver said while laughing.
Hussain even challenged Viray in translating some Filipino words such as 'pagsasanay' (training), 'palakasan' (sports) and 'katambal' (partner). Viray, who is a natural-born Filipino was so amazed at Hussain's fluency in Filipino.

Another video which features Hussain was uploaded by Veronica de Vera on Youtube and it drew netizen attention again!
This time, Hussain shared that he was taught by his Filipino friend to speak Filipino. He also said that he has never been to the Philippines.


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