WATCH: No one is allowed to swim in this enchanted river in every 12 noon.Find out why!

- Caretakers of “Rio Encantado” or Enchanted River request everyone to get out of water every 12pm
- Fisher folk cannot explain the phenomenon
- Natives of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur believe that spirits also dwell in the river
In Surigao del Sur, there is a river with crystal clear waters where folks ask tourists to get out of the water every 12 noon.
The “Rio Encantado” boasts clear waters in different shades of blue and has become a prime tourist spot in Barangay Cambatong in the town of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. The different shades of blue hint on the water’s depth.
At exactly 12pm, the caretaker of the river will ring a bell requesting everyone to get out of water as it is “feeding time”. The caretaker will then play the “hymn of Hinatuan,” then a massive school of fish will come out of nowhere and will gather at the mouth of the river.
The caretaker will feed the fishes some food scraps. No one is allowed to swim and disturb the “feeding time”. When feeding time is over, the school of fish disappear and goes back to the underwater cave.
Unfortunately, the caretaker cannot explain the ongoing phenomenon. However, they vowed to protect the river and the fish.
Aside from the fishes, there are other legends of the river that will creep you out. The river is allegedly the home to spirits that take swimmers. Thus, the caretaker made sure to warn visitors not to swim on certain areas of the river. Folks believe that the spirits are responsible for keeping the pristine color of the river and act as its protectors. Despite the legends, the river has attracted a fair amount of tourists.
Watch the video of the actual “feeding time” below.


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