VIRAL: Tourist Who Was Bitten By A Shark While Taking Selfie With It Eventually Got Fined With $6,200 For Animal Cruelty

A woman who remains to be unnamed is a tourist who got bitten by a shark while taking selfie with it. Eventually she got fined about Brazilian R$19,500 (approximately US $6,200) for animal cruelty.
According to reports, the video was taken in a Brazilian beach. The footage immediately went viral, gaining numerous views and comments, which are mostly against the woman.
On the said video, the woman was seen grabbing the small shark from the waters. As she wrestled with it, the shark eventually bit into her hand. The woman's friend helped remove the shark from her hand. They later tossed the small shark back into the water.
The said woman was rushed to a hospital. She received four stitches on her hand. They were charged and
then asked to pay with a huge amount for animal cruelty.


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