VIDEO FOOTAGE: Horrifying Scene Of This Husband Caught His Wife Cheating in Motel Room with Her Lover Boy

We often hear about stories of husbands cheating on their wives. Most of these stories end up with the wives beating the mistresses up or begging their husbands to stay.
However, the opposite also happens. This is exactly what happened in this viral story of a wife caught sleeping with another man in a motel.
The video starts with the husband and another man, trying to force entry into a room. A topless man opened the door for them and the husband immediately hit him in the head. He punched him some more before he turned to his wife who was hiding under the bed sheets.
He immediatelly pulled away the sheets and hit her square in the face. He then got his belt and furiously whipped his wife multiple times.
The video garnered different reactions from the netizens. Some took pity on the wife saying that the husband shouldn't have resorted to violence despite what happened.
However, others noted that they might have done the same thing, especially if you caught your partner red-handed.
The video has already been viewed 2 Million times, garnering 13 thousand reactions and over 22 thousand shares.
Watch it below and share your reaction in the comments section!

[source] - TNP

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  1. If i am the husband I may kill them w/out thinking


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