This House May Look Tiny and Narrow House, But You Will Be Shocked Once You Get Inside

A certain house in Japan has been getting the attention of the netizens for being unbelievably spacious despite its look on the outside.
family in Japan was able to acquire a triangular tiny lot of 594 square meters which sits in a corner between a river and a road. It seemed like a problematic place to build a house. But it was obviously not a problem for the people of Mitsubishi Architects Atelier, who did an amazing job crafting the house. 

The family of three who lives in the house were truly amazed of the work. The house's facade makes it look like it is narrow. But once you get inside, it is difficult to believe that it was the same place. 
It is a two-storey house with a white overall motif. The house also has narrow but classy stairs to save space. 
The kitchen can be found in the second floor, and occupies the corner of the house which made it seem like it is detached from the rest of the house. A mini play area for kids rest atop the kitchen and can be accessed through a ladder

The living room is wide enough to receive guests comfortable.
The bathroom is very spacious as well having bathubs and enclosed area for shower.
The house has big windows to let enough light enter during the day. It also has a rooftop window for star gazing at night!

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