This Danish 23-Year Old College Dropout Who Has Killed 100 ISIS Militants Now Has a $1 Million Bounty on Her Head!

The unending war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria versus the rest of the world has been going on for quite some time now and has seen some odd faces of both heroes and villains.
But this girl is unlike anything you have seen before. She has drop-dead-gorgeous looks and a kill count to back it up.

Joanna Palani is a 23-year old politics student from Denmark who has killed 100 ISIS militants with her sniping skills. After her incredible act of bravery and heroism, she now faces a deadly situation after the extremist group put a $1 million bounty for her head.
The Danish woman dropped out of college to train and do battle against the jihadis in Syria with her Russian sniper rifle. However, her fight has come to a halt after the Danish government confiscated her passport to stop her from going back and forth from Denmark to ISIS-controlled territories.
Danish government officials placed a 12-month travel ban through an email sent to the brave young woman who was of Iranian and Kurdish ancestry. This was an attempt by the government to stop her from traveling back to Syria.
She has admitted that she defied authorities and recently traveled to Qatar this year. Unfortunately, brave Joanna was taken into custody and locked up in Denmark’s largest prison, Vestre Fængsel in Copenhagen and could be facing 2 years jail time.
The valiant woman told the Guardian that she went to Kurdistan, a place in northern Iraq, “to fight for women’s rights, for democracy – for the European values I learned as a Danish girl”.
In an interview with Vice this year, she claimed that “ISIS fighters are very easy to kill”.

Joanna has received death threats from extremists following her return to Denmark, threatening her that she will be turned into a sex slave upon capture.
She said: “It’s very difficult for me, as there many people who are against me still in Copenhagen, some IS people.


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