This Couple Was Seen Having S*x While On a Moving Motorcycle—Reckless and Disgusting!

Warning: the following video contains scenes of mature nature. Viewer discretion is advised.
Through the years, a lot of couples have been caught having s*x inside cars. While we often think of it as something that only teenagers do because they often don’t really have any other options, adults do it to for—quite frankly—adventure.
This couple was caught by another motorist having s*x on a moving motorcycle. Not only were they engaging in a scandalous act, but netizens also noticed that they were practically naked and had no protective gear whatsoever.
In the video, the woman can be seen leaning against the front part of the motorcycle, with her head resting near the motorbike’s handles. She had both her legs wrapped around the man’s legs, who was driving rather recklessly.
As soon as the man notices the camera was directed towards them, he gave a mischievous smile, as if what they were doing was something to be proud of.
Not only was the lewd stunt dangerous for both riders, but it can pose danger to any other motorist around them too. We suggest that our readers SHOULD NEVER try this kind of stunt—as it could cost you your life.
The footage is believed to be filmed in the city of Encarnacion in south-eastern Paraguay. Police are now investigating into the incident, and the couple could face a fine of around three million Paraguayan Guarani (£430) if they are tracked down and convicted.


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