This Baby Miraculously Survived After Buried for 24 Hours

The baby’s mother buried him after giving birth.

A man from Curitiba, capital state of Parana, Brazil, noticed his neighbour Lucinda Ferreira Guimarães went out of her house with a large, pregnant belly—but came home with a smaller belly and bloodied clothes. Suspicious of Lucinda’s actions, the man went around the neighbourhood and deep into the woods to look for the baby. Unfortunately, it was already getting dark. The unnamed man then gave up searching for the day, and resumed searching the following day.



True to his suspicions, he found the newborn baby buried in a muddy hole, with the umbilical cord and placenta still attached to his body.

Since more than 24 hours have already passed, the man feared the baby might already be dead. The baby looked lifeless, and the man had no hope. That was when he decided to call the cops.

However, as soon as the police pull the baby out of the hole, the little boy gave out a cry! Apparently, he was merely sleeping when they found him.

Three things helped the baby survive after being buried alive:

  • First, the rain shower that washed away the dirt in his head, which otherwise could have buried him completely.
  • Second, the doctors who examined the baby explained that because the umbilical cord had not been cut out, blood loss was prevented and allowed the baby’s survival.
  • Third, the child still had his mother’s nutrients in his body and didn’t starve.

According to reports, Lucinda gave birth in the woods a mere 300 yards away from her house, and buried her child in a muddy armadillo hole. When apprehended by authorities, Lucinda denied giving birth to the baby boy.

Police locked her up in jail, while they gave the boy to the biological father.

[source] - Viral4real

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