These Are The 9 Bad Habits That Every Girl Should Stop Doing During Their Period! #5 Is So Dangerous!

All girls hate it when that particular red day arrives every month. It’s uncomfortable and dozens of things happen to us, like hot flashes and intense, unnecessary cravings as well as a thousand other irritating things too small to mention. So how do you make the day–or the week, rather–bearable?
Others say to drink tea, avoid intense physical activities, and apply warm compress in areas with intense pain. But did you know that there also things you must avoid if you really want a hassle-free period?
According to Peanut Daily, one must change their pad not just twice a day but every 3-5 hours. This is regardless of the fact if you’re bleeding heavily or not. Know why? Because if one wears one pad for the entire day, then you might be prone to infections and unnecessarily produce an unpleasant odor. It’s best to stock up on your pads and carry around 2-3 of them in your bag.
If you’re already feeling the intensity of ovarian pain, especially in the first few days of your period, then you must refrain from doing more things that could cause you pain. Examples are getting a root canal, waxing, and lifting heavy things. As much as possible, limit the things that you carry in your bag. Don’t physically strain yourself.
In relation to refraining from doing things that could cause you pain, you should avoid doing rigorous, intense exercises during your period. If you’re in a fitness program, it’s best if you just stick to light, low-intensity workouts to avoid inducing pain upon yourself, more specifically to your ovarian area. If you’re facing a heavy period, you should totally avoid workouts and exercises at all costs.
It is advisable not to skip meals during your period, even if you’re on a diet or do not have the actual appetite to eat. You’re already losing lots of blood and fluid from your body–not to mention, energy–at this time, so you don’t have to deprive yourself. As much as possible, try eating fruits or meals in small amounts.
Cravings in the night or midnight snacks should be avoided, as these may cause your body to have a hard time digesting all that meal in that time of the night. If you’re especially fond of eating pizza, popcorn, or any other greasy food late at night, you should refrain from doing it particularly if you have a heavy period. Have a warm tea instead or simply sleep it off.
In addition to that, you must avoid consuming milk products or dairy foods as these contain arachidonic acid that can worsen your menstrual cramps. It is best to avoid these, especially on your red-heavy days. Examples of these no-no’s are milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, and yogurt.
Some women suffer from depression or may feel depressed, during their period so it is recommended that you steer away from watching emotional, depressing movies or shows. Don’t immerse yourself in sad movies, songs, or anything that may trigger intense feelings from you, as your psychological health is also important at this time.
Lastly, you should give yourself a good night’s sleep. Avoid partying out late or going out at night in an exchange for your regular sleeping time. You should get a good rest especially if you’ve had a rough day. Try sleeping no later than 10 or 11 at night, if you can. Sink into your sheets and get comfy, as you need more rest during your red days because as mentioned above, you are losing blood and energy.
So there you have it, ladies! The bad habits you must avoid if you really want a smooth, hassle-free period. You must heed these precautions as it would help you have a more comfortable time come the red days.
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