SHOCKING!: Vice Ganda Revealed About Kris Aquino's Left from ABS-CBN!

In Vice Ganda’s Valentine’s Day concert, he outdid himself by performing outrageous stunts and dance numbers, along with reciting a ‘hugot’-filled “spoken word poetry.”

Many people were in awe of his antics and, as usual, the night didn’t end without Vice giving out some funny and blunt statements.

In a video released by YouTube account AkoPilipinasOfficial, the comedian revealed things that referenced Kris Aquino, the Queen of Media.

He said, “N’ong na-in love si Kris Aquino, ang sipag! Gusto niya lagi magpapayat, ang sipag niyang mag-workout. Kung gusto niya magpapayat, lakad lang siya nang lakad, ang sipag niya. Sa sobrang sipag maglakad, nakalabas siya ng ABS.”

Many people laughed at his statement and Vice couldn’t help but flip his blonde wig and laugh along with them. “Pero masipag naman talaga siya, umaasa ako na makakabalik siya,” he continued on a more serious note and then chuckled.

“Birthday niya ngayon, happy birthday, asawa!”  he stated. “Pero ito talaga ang pinakamasipag na kilala ko.”

He waited for a few more seconds while the audience turned silent. “Si Ma’am Charo,” he continued, which earned another round of laughter.

Kris Aquino left her home network, ABS-CBN, last 2016 in a rather sudden and unexpected move. She revealed on her Instagram page that she wasn’t able to renew her contract because the network declined to give her a talk show, which was her initial agreement with the network executives.

The host revealed that she would be managed by APT bosses Tony Tuviera and Mike Tuviera. APT is Antonio P. Tuviera, a subsidiary of TAPE, Inc., the producers of GMA’s hit noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga.’

Here is Vice’s whole statement about Kris:

[source] - TNP , Chismix

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