SHOCKING! Thousands Of Fish Spotted In Romblon, A Sign Of The Disaster That Was About To Strike? Find Out HOW It Causes Panic Among The Netizens!

A video showing thousands of fish that were spotted in Romblon is now circulating online. It showed how these fishermen pulled a huge fishing net just to capture thousands of fishes. Netizens were shocked claiming that this incident is a very rare sighting and mysterious. It causes panic among them.

Many people believed that the thousands of fish are signs of the disaster that was about to strike. They started connecting this incident to the unexpected sightings of dead oarfish in different parts of the country where oarfish are often associated to earthquakes. Experts believe that they live in the deepest parts of the sea and the only thing that could cause them to swim to the shore is the movement of the ground beneath the sea.

This video has gone viral on social media and gained mixed reactions from the netizens.


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