SHOCKING! OFW Nurse in Canada Receives Hurtful Message From Her Family After She Declined to Send Money to Buy a Car

A Pinay OFW in Canada who works as a nurse received a hurtful message from her older brother after she declined to provide him money for a brand new car. The hardworking nurse strived to provide for her family by helping them with their finances in their business, lending her youngest brother P200k for a quail egg business which eventually backfired. She also gave P30k to finance a small grocery store business late in 2015.

The story was shared over at a Facebook page called PESO SENSE which immediately caught the attention of many netizens especially the OFW's who were enraged after reading her story.

Read her letter here:

Many netizens slammed the nurse's family for being greedy and ungrateful by taking advantage of her money while never acknowledging her sacrifices. They advised her to stop sending any more money to her brother and reminded her to focus on her own children and husband instead.

Hopefully this serves as a reminder to everyone, especially to the hardworking OFW's to be wise in giving your relatives any money because they aren't your responsibility.


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