OMG! People Left Behind Cucumbers in a Cinema After Watching Fifty Shades Darker

 Perhaps one of the most anticipated movies in the first quarter of the year, Fifty Shades Darker brings back the erotic romance and drama that garnered many fans over its prequel film Fifty Shades of Grey.

With the movie being released just in time for Valentine's season, there's no denying the impact of the film that triggered the wild imaginations of many and evoked salacious feelings that led to some kinky behavior.

So kinky in fact that ample sized cucumbers are spotted by movie-goers in a cinema after watching the enticing film. One netizen decided to capture the juicy details and uploaded it on social media for everyone to see which immediately blew up and went viral.

No one knows exactly who the culprits are, but there's no denying they got more than what they paid for by watching the film with an innocent cucumber in tow. We're guessing it was meant for dinner but took a sharp turn and found its way inside someone's holy grail.

We won't be surprised if people see an eggplant the next time an erotic film appears in the cinemas.

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