Nokia 3310, The 'Most Resilient' Phone Ever, To Be Relaunched This Year

Nokia 3310, the most resilient mobile phone ever is known for its seemingly infinite battery life and indestructible body. It is set to have its comeback sometime this year, 17 years after it was launched.
The unit reincarnation is rumored to be sold for around $62, will be unveiled later this month at the Mobile World Congress.Other Nokia phone models, namely Nokia 3, 5, and 6, will also be launched.
It is still unknown if it is still the same exact 3310 model we knew almost two decades ago or if new features will be added. However, based on the phone's description on Amazon, it seems that original features, including a calculator, a clock, and games --- Snake II, Pairs II, Bantumi, and Space Impact, will be retained.
The Snake Game was popularized by Nokia. The Nokia phone game, Snake, was such a hit that a version for smartphones is downloadable from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Nokia 3310’s popularity also grew, thanks to memes that depict its indestructibility circulating on social media.
Here are a few memes about Nokia 3310's sturdiness:


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