Netizen posts bloody images and videos of injured people from ferry accident

- Alex Batallones posts bloody images and videos of a recent accident
- The ferry they were in had an accident that injured people
- He seeks the attention and help of netizens
On February 18, Alex Batallones posted a series of images and videos at 10:32 PM on Facebook. The pictures and videos captured the horrifying experience they were currently in at the time.
The ferry, 2GoSupercat, that they were in had an accident and some of them got injured and in severe pain. It was bound to Cebu from Ormoc City but they were stuck in the middle of somewhere between those two cities.
He seeks the help of netizens to reach the proper authorities.

The pictures depict the chaotic look that happened inside. Seats tumbled , displaced, and got derailed from the floor.

Unharmed passengers immediately wore their life vests.
A 2GO staff was also injured from the accident.

From the looks of it, the ferry crashed into the pier abruptly.

Thankfully, medics came in to check on all the passengers. There were also no reports on casualties.
Batallones shared a day after that he’s okay and thanked the Lord for the second life he was given.

Here's another video from inside the ferry in disarray:

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