MUST READ: Stop Eating Instant Noodles, They May Actually Be Killing You - Here's Why!

Nowadays, instant meals have become very popular, mostly due to the fact that modern lifestyles are too fast and people constantly lack time.
Instant noodles are very cheap and easy to prepare. You can find them in every local store and supermarket.
When you don’t have time to prepare, you can also use instant noodles as a quick lunchbox option for work or for school.
Unfortunately, regular intake of instant noodles can harm your overall health, as they do not have any nutritional value.
What happens after you eat the processed food?
Instant noodles are chemically preserved for a long life on the shelves, but no one has ever seen what happens to the noodles once inside the stomach.
In a recent experiment of Dr. Braden Kuo of Massachusetts General Hospital, where he used a pill-sized camera to find out what happens in the stomach and digestive tract after consuming instant noodles.
According to him, the stomach is contracting back and forth, as it is trying to grind up the ramen noodle. For comparison, the study subjects also ate fresh, homemade ramen noodles on a different day.
As seen on the video, after 1 or 2 hours, the processed ramen noodles were less broken down than homemade ramen noodles.
Watch the video below:


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