Loving husband starves himself to give enough food to bedridden wife who got bitten by snake

- A woman became bedridden after suffering muscle atrophy caused by a snake bite
- Her husband had to quit his job so that he could take care of her full-time
- The coupled has to rely on small donations for their needs and the husband has been eating very little so that his wife could eat more
Many married people do not take their marriage vows seriously, giving up easily when trouble comes. Fortunately, a husband in Thailand is showing the world what true love really is.
His beloved wife became bedridden after suffering muscle atrophy caused by a snake bite last year.
Since there is no one around to take care of his bedridden wife, the man had to quit his job in order to look after her. The married couple is now relying on donations from neighbors in order to feed themselves.
Unfortunately, there are many times when the food is not enough for the both of them.
For this reason, the husband usually eats very little in order to give enough food to his wife. He said that he is sacrificing so much for her due to their unconditional love for each other.
“We previously vowed to walk this life together. My wife is the most important person in my life, and I will never abandon her,” the man said, according to Trending News Portal.
The loving husband added that he might not be able to give his wife a beautiful house or car, but he will give him his heart and soul.
Fortunately, some netizens in Thailand found out about the couple’s story and decided to help out with their needs.

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