Judges Make Notice Of Her Pants Until This 14-Year Old Filipina Shy Girl Start Singing!

Fourteen year old Marlisa Punzalan whose parents are Filipinos kicks the X Factor auditions of Beatles' hit "Yesterday." She captivated the audience's hearts including the judges and qualified to the next stage of the said competition, that is the boot camp.
Though Marlisa is a bit shy and nervous in the beginning of her performance, she pulled it out and impressed the judges. She received standing ovation from the crowd and from the four judges. But prior to her performance, the judges make notice of her pants.
After Marlisa's performance, here are what the judges told her:
Redfoo: “That is the biggest voice I ever heard on a 14 year old.” Dannii Minogue: “You sing from the heart and that is a voice of an angel.”
Ronan: “You moved me with that performance. That is incredible.”
Watch her performance below...


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