HULI SA CCTV. Mannequin Pinagtripan pa sa Loob ng Department Store!

On the footage, the man can be seen looking around before indulging in his obscene act inside a lingerie store in a shopping mall.
Unfortunately for him, the CCTVs were able to record his act as he licked the mannequin's chest and masturbated.
His deed lasted for a full minute before he finished on the mannequin. To top all of it, the man was even seen licking his semen-drenched hand before he casually walked out of the store.
A security guard approached the area after presumably being alerted by either nearby staff or by others guards manning the CCTV footages.
The man, as well as the store's location, remained undisclosed.
Netizen online, however, expressed equal disgust and terror. Many suggested that the man should be in prison, or in a mental institution.
"If he can get excited seeing a naked mannequin.. He is threat to all the girls out there... Girls be extra careful," said Esha Aj.
See about what cloth you wear but is about the mentality of the pervert bastard," commented Tim Mah.


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