HEART-BREAKING: 7-Year Old Boy Sacrificed Life To Donate Kidney To His Dying Mother

Online users often read stories ofsacrifices all over the internet. Even in real-life, there are heroic people who are willing to let go of their lives just to save someone. This particular scenario is frequently witnessed between a parent and a child. Most cases indicate that parents can sacrifice anything, including their lives, for their beloved children.
However, what if the tables were turned? What if a child becomes more than willing to give up his own life just to save his mother?

This might be unimaginable but this was what actually happened with this 7-year-old boy who asked his doctors to give his kidneys to his dying mother. The boy's heroic deed just made millions cry buckets of tears when the story dominated the online community.

Chen Xiaotian was diagnosed when he was 5 years old. Just months after his diagnosis, his mother, Zhou Lu suffered from a kidney disease which resulted in organ malfunction.
Both of them spent two years inside a hospital as both of them needed to undergo constant medical treatments. The doctors thought that the boy would recover. However, his cancer returned and grew more aggressive.

Chen's disease blinded and paralyzed him eventually. Although their situation is getting more difficult as day goes by, Zhou tried her best to remain strong despite what was happening.

But they really took a hit when Zhou's kidney started to weaken until she was required to undergo kidney transplant as soon as possible-- the only key to her survival.
The doctors talked to Zhou's mother and explained her situation. According to shareably.

net, the medical professionals told Zhou's mother that Chen will not survive but he can donate his kidney to his own mother. Zhou refused to the plan but when Chen found out his mother's situation, he immediately asked to doctor to do what they think is best for the both of them. The boy even demanded that they save his mother's life.
Zhou eventually agreed on the operation knowing that Chen will be a part of her.

Chen died days after the agreement was made. When he was rushed to hospital for the kidney transplant, his doctors honored the little boy's wishes.

After the operation, Zhou was able to recover well as their kidneys matched miraculously. The little boy was not only a hero for his own mother but a hero for a 21-year-old woman who received his other kidney and for a 27-year-old man who was his liver recipient.

Chen became an inspiration to everyone as he showed that there is nothing one cannot do when it comes to families.


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