Blooming Agad agad? Erich Gonzales becomes more blooming while trying to move on

- Erich Gonzales enjoys the start of her single life in LA
- The actress has noticeably become more blooming after breaking up with Daniel Matsunaga
- She has visited the Warner Brother Studios among other tourist sites
Having your heart broken is not an excuse to look like you just got hit by a 10-wheeler truck. Rather, it’s an opportunity to show your former lover how he allowed a diamond to slip past through his hands.
This is probably how Erich Gonzales thinks these days after experiencing a painful break-up from ex-boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga. Not only is their separation already devastating enough, but the two had to pull through the situation under the scrutiny of the public eye.

Nevertheless, Erich has no plans on returning to her recent lifestyle and is extremely determined to grow as an individual without a partner – and can we just say, she’s doing it right?
The actress had to fly to the other side of the globe for work, but she didn’t let it hamper her from having some fun exploring the wonderful Los Angeles.

After interviews of showing a straight face, it’s refreshing to see Erich’s carefree smile once again.

But smiling or not, nobody can deny that the 26-year old has become more blooming after the life-changing event. She even pulls off her new haircut effortlessly!

She also couldn’t help but fangirl over famous sets despite being a star herself. Erich gamely posed on the set of ‘Friends’ and the CafĂ© Sur Le Lot from ‘La La Land.’

Her most recent upload showed that she has also visited other tourist sites in California.

Although she has disabled the comment feature on her Instagram profile, fans expressed their support on religiously liking her photos.

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