Amazing health benefits of Okra water, Here's How,Now you can prepare it yourself!

Okra has this very slimy interior that some refer to as “saliva” like. It is not very pleasant to many people and that makes them stray away from this vegetable. It is often seen as a garnish vegetable in some soups but is often left on the plate.
Some just simply steam or soak it in hot water for a short time and then just dip it on some salty sauce. But all those negativity aside, okras do have a very healthy reputation.
They are most commonly eaten by those who are trying to stay healthy despite their age. Many of the elderly would recommend eating okra if they notice that you have very weak immune system.
To back it up with proof, a study actually conducted has proven the effects of okra to your body:
Okra can be used to lessen the frequency of asthma attacks for those who suffer from it.
Lower down the production of LDLs thus aiding in lowering down your cholesterol levels (LDL delivers cholesterol to your tissues).
It can also help in keeping your kidneys healthy!
Can you imagine how all three of those can be solved by okra? I bet not!
So how are you going to do it? You will basically make yourself an “Okra Water”. Doesn’t really sound so appetizing but trust the results when you see them yourself. It has miraculous effects especially when taken on a regular basis. You will surely detect the changes in your overall health and be amazed!
1. Pick one fresh okra, then begin with cutting off the head and part of the tail
2. Chop approximately 2 to 3 slices of this vegetable and add them into a glass of water.
3. Let it stay for the night.
4. Drink a glass of this healthy water right after you wake up.
This recipe is famous because of its effect in keeping normal the blood sugar levels.

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