In a speech at the Manila Hotel Friday night, during the annual convention of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines-Greater Manila Region, President Rodrigo Duterte unmasks the person who is planning to oust him.

Although Duterte did not named the person, he is obviously referring to Loida Nicolas-Lewis, the widow of Richard Lewis, the richest African-American businessman in the 1980s.

Loida Lewis is known to be the leading campaigner of defeated presidential bet Mar Roxas.

She is one of the moving forces behind a plan to launch protest rallies against the current administration.

“Next year, there will be mass demonstration, for all I care. Wala akong illusions. Do not give me a reason to go out because you might have…you might get your wish.” Duterte said.

“Meron next year, a certain financier, mayaman na babae who married a black and is now a millionaire and she is planning to do massive demonstration,” he added.

Duterte also mocked Nicolas-Lewis by saying he'd follow her advise and even give her a cabinet position.

“‎If you think that you can help, sabihin mo sa akin because I will appoint you a group of presidential advisers with a Cabinet position or without a portfolio but with the rank of a Cabinet. And I will follow your instruction to a tee,” he said.

“All those who are of this western persuasion. Kung bilib kayo sa America, kung tingin ninyo nagkautang kayo ng loob, please join. And hindi na kailangan magkudeta-coup d’etat. Ibigay ko siya. I myself will swear you sa Malacañang. That these are the new rulers of the Republic and they will run the country, fine‎,” said Duterte.

“Yung ayaw sa akin, madali yan. And if the military or the police thinks that I do not…no need for coup d’etat. God, you are wasting your bullet. Go to Malacañan, we’ll have coffee and I myself will swear you to run this Republic and solve the problem. Walang problema,” he added.

Nicolas-Lewis ‎was part of a 25-person delegation from the US-Philippines Society, a private group comprising business executives and diplomats, who met with Duterte a week before his inauguration.

Nicolas-Lewis was accompanied by former Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Cuisia,PLDT Chair Manuel V. Pangilinan, retired American diplomats, executives from Coca Cola, SGV, JP Morgan, and other top corporations‎.

Nicolas-Lewis is the sister of former Arroyo National Anti-Poverty Commission Chair Imelda Nicolas ‎who was part of the “Hyatt 10” Cabinet which abandoned then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2005 due to the “Hello Garci” election scandal. Imelda and most of the Hyatt 10 members ended up having key posts in the Aquino administration. Imelda was appointed head of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas.


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