RECTO:“It is a wake-up call for us to stop totally relying on foreign suppliers”

“It is a wake-up call for us to stop totally relying on foreign suppliers,” Recto said, referring to the decision of U.S.

“This is another kind of pivot we need. To tap our domestic industries for the equipment needs of our policemen and soldiers,” Recto said. “Hindi naman pwede na mula helmet hanggang boots imported. If some of the things can be made locally and the products are of the same price and quality as the ones bought abroad, then let us manufacture them here.” Recto said.

”What is Made in Marikina is as good as what is Made in America,” Recto said, referring to one local gun manufacturing complex in Marikina. There are many of them, from boat builders to vehicle manufacturers, who can step up to the plate once there are firm orders from the government,” Recto said.

“If we’re buying boats either for coastal, river, environmental or fisheries patrol, then let our local shipyards make them. The weaponry can come from abroad pero siguro yung barko pwede na dito,” he said.

“If other nations find our ships exceptional, then we should too.” Referring to President Duterte’s home province of Cebu can even build coastal patrol ships.

“Buy local, create jobs. This should be the new mantra of the DND, DOTr and other government agencies for their procurement programs,” the senator added.

“What we can manufacture here, we don’t have to import from abroad. One good example are the car plates. A small piece of tin we sourced from the Netherlands when we are already building megaton ships,” he said.

“price points should not be the sole consideration,” he said. “We should not be buying a lemon just because it is wrapped in a Philippine flag. Quality should not be sacrificed.”


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