READ: Lawyer's powerful message to Leni, senators on Marcos hero's burial

Atty Bruce Rivera: Leni, LP senators could have prevented SC ruling on Marcos Burial, but chose not to

Lawyer Bruce Rivera said that Vice President Leni Robredo, who expressed her disappointment to the Supreme Court's ruling favoring Ferdinand Marcos' burial at the Heroes' Cemetery, could have prevented it along with the legislators in the Senate.

He said she could have done something about it, but chose not to.

"VP Leni said that the decision may pass the bar of legal technicalities but does not pass the morality of the Filipino People Power movement. Let me begin by saying that as a lawyer she should know that the Supreme Court should all be about legal technicaities." he wrote.

"If she wants a decision on the "morality" of the matter, the Supreme Court is not the arena. We call that "conscience" and I hope she has it." he added.

He also called on to the incumbent senators specifically Liberal Party members Kiko Pangilinan, Bam Aquino, and Akbayan's Risa Hontiveros.

He said that they could've "changed the law" to not allow Marcos to be buried in the cemetery meant for Filipino heroes.

He said they could have "changed the guidelines or rename the cemetery to the Libingan ng mga Ewan".

The lawyer said that Filipinos should not blame Duterte or the Supreme Court, but put it on the legislative branch, for being "remiss in its duty to make sensible laws for the people,".

He said these legislators have no moral obligation to condemn the ruling.

Read statement of Atty. Bruce Rivera:

READ: Lawyer's message to Leni, senators on Marcos hero's burial


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