MUST READ: Netizen writes a satirical message to critics: "DUTERTE RESIGN! Inalis niya kung saan tayo nasanay na makupad at palpak"

A post of netizen was doing rounds online because of her satirical comment about President Rodrigo Duterte. In her post, she included a photo of her passport and her caption starts with "Duterte resign." She said because of the president in just 2 weeks she right away got her passport unlike before it took her 6 months. Since the new administration took place, there were already lots of improvements happened.

That's why Filipinos are much in love with President Duterte for bringing changes that make them a truly proud Filipino. Who would have thought in a very short period of time, Duterte done many things that the ones who benefited are the people. Duterte always thinks what's best for his people, not the other way around like the past administrations.

 Netizen Klarisse Casio said Duterte took away what we used to expect, the slow and futile services in all government agencies. Filipinos are used to wait longer and Casio said even her NBI she got it in just 1 hour.

Read her full FB post:


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