Must Read: Is Trillanes Planning Another Rebellion?

Earlier this October, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV hinted that there were disturbances within the military officials as some don’t like how Duterte is running the government, but the senator could not name one.
Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla Jr., AFP spokesman said they took the thing seriously but had no idea where Trillanes got the hearsay. Later on, it looked like Trillanes was just creating rumors trying to destabilize the military organization.

In one of Military’s confirmation hearings, Trillanes even asked:
“What will be the military’s actions in case a “lunatic” president uses and abuses the power given to him?”

“Regarding that provision, the Armed Forces is the protector of the people and the state, there are actually practical applications of that,” Trillanes, a former Navy officer, said during the hearing of the Commission on Appointment’s committee on national defense.

Again, Trillanes tried his best to at least convince the military officer to agree with his stupid hypothetical nonsense – but again, he failed miserably.

Come November 1, when news broke out that a US Senator has stopped the delivery of 26,000 M4 rifles, Trillanes was quick to blame Pres. Duterte.
Trillanes warned that the US’ decision to stop the planned sale of 26,000 firearms to the Philippines was just the start.

“That’s just the start. Things would probably get worse in the coming months as our countrymen get hit from different directions at different levels,” he said in a statement.

“But to be clear, contrary to President Duterte’s big lie, the US didn’t start this. He did, when he started killing his own people and didn’t want to be accountable for it,” added the senator, who has been vocal against the President.

Not contented, Trillanes again spew some ashes that Duterte’s popularity will not last long.
Trillanes said in the Senate, there have been “whispers” from several lawmakers expressing opposition to how Duterte is running the government.

“Yung boses na talagang matingkad ay hindi pa gaanong lumalabas, but in whispers there are those who are opposed to what President Duterte is doing,” he said.
(The loud voices have yet to come out, but in whispers there are those who are opposed to what President Duterte is doing.)

Trillanes believes lawmakers who have so far remained silent about issues involving Duterte will eventually voice their opposition once they notice public opinion turning against the president.
“As you’ve been noticing lately, the voices, the dissenting voices are getting louder every day.

Maraming nagsasalita. And ganun yun eh. Traditionally kung nasaan yung taumbayan, nandodoon yung mga politiko. Meron lang mga trailblazers, so to speak,” Trillanes said.
As you’ve been noticing lately, the voices, the dissenting voices are getting louder every day. Many are speaking out. That’s how it works, traditionally the politicians side with the people. There are just trailblazers, so to speak.)

To make the point clear:

First, Trillanes said there were military officers who were not satisfied on how Duterte is running the government. Then, the self-obsessed senator said there are lawmakers who don’t like Duterte. Despite of these fabricated rumors coming from his mouth, Trillanes has yet to name a single person. Who is he trying to convince with his nonsense? Is the irrelevant Senator planning another rebellion? He already failed twice – third will be a disaster.


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