MUST PROUD: Sen. Manny Pacquiao beats Jessie Vargas on points after an action packed fight

Manny Pacquiao has reclaimed the WBO Welterweight belt for the third time, defeating the 10 year younger WBO Champ Jessie Vargas via unanimous decision.

Because of the solid punches that Pacquiao released to Vargas, there’s no doubt the Pacman won every round in points.

Pacquiao wins a unanimous decision by scores of 114-113, 118-109 and 118-109.

According to Compubox, Jessie Vargas released 562 punches and 104 of them landed and Pacquiao released a fewer punches of 409 but he landed 147 punches to Vargas.

Despite of the old age, Manny Pacquiao still fast and used his lightning speed against the younger Vargas.

But Jessie Vargas survived the round despite of the strong punches that he received from Pacquiao.

“My aim every round was to knock him out,” says Pacquiao during an in-ring interview with Stephen A Smith. “I feel happy.”

Some Netizens doubts that Pacman may not survive 12 rounds because of his old age, but the Senator proved them wrong. The People’s champ still incredible looking energized even in the last round of the fight.

Celebrities, politicians and Netizens congratulated Pacquiao on social media.


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