LOOK: Prominent DLSU professor says, A regime change would "dismember" the Republic

A regime change would "dismember" the Republic, says prominent DLSU professor

De La Salle University's professor of Political Science Antonio Contreras said on Wednesday that a regime change would only cause harm to the country.

He said President Rodrigo Duterte could simply move back to Mindanao and "have the entire island.

"And the US would be foolish to abet any such attempt since most of its strategic interests are in that island. Checkmate." he wrote.

According to the professor, eliminating Duterte and having Robredo replace him would only cause a widespread resistance if done now.

He claimed that the Liberal Party can wait longer, but the vice presidency would soon be taken over by Bongbong Marcos.

"Take note that there are several retirements in the SC that acts as the PET, and Digong gets to replace Aquino appointees with his own. Digong is an ally of BBM. So the yellows and their patrons will have to deal with the possibility of having a President Marcos. Another checkmate" he wrote.

Contreras, an avid supporter of Duterte, called these "scenarios" instead of fiction.

Read full statement of Mr. Contreras:


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