LOOK: Grace Poe, Family, Allegedly Voted for Trump


Senator Grace Poe on Wednesday made a light moment out of the tense US presidential elections at the expense of herself.
Sought for comment about a possible Donald Trump win, Poe told reporters: “First of all, hindi ako bumoto doon.”

But upon leaving the scene where reporters waited, Poe was allegedly overheard speaking with her American husband, Niel Lamanzares that she has done voting through fax, and that she voted for Trump.

American citizens who are residing in the Philippines can vote through fax.
Earlier, the senator laughed as she pointed to some media workers who have covered her campaign for the presidency in the May elections.

Poe placed third, next to former Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II, and the eventual winner, former Davao City Mayor and now President Rodrigo Duterte.
Poe’s citizenship and residency was questioned before the Supreme Court (SC), which ruled that she was a natural-born Filipino.

Poe, in October 2010, executed before a notary public an ‘affidavit of renunciation of allegiance to the United States of America and renunciation of American citizenship.’

It is unclear if Poe still has the right to vote as American citizen after she allegedly denounced her American citizenship prior to running for President.

Her citizenship status have been a big issue during her presidential campaign, and nearly put her candidacy in turmoil. /Nico Bawa/


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