Mayor Rolanda Espinosa pleaded not to plant evidences before he was killed by the criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG).

The CCTV footage of what happen in the killings against him has been missing.

It was around 4 a.m. when the incident happened, according to the Jail warden Homobono Bardillon,”They heard gunshots fired inside the cell of Espinosa where the slain mayor was begging (for his life) from the CIDG operatives.”

“Ayaw gyud ko ninyo plantere, sir, wa ko armas nga gitago (Please do not plant evidence sir, I’m not hiding any firearms),” Espinosa was heard pleading CIDG team.

According to Bardillon, the CIDG team was escorted by four policemen, “They could do nothing but simply observe. Otherwise, malaking gulo.”

The Philippine National Police (PNP) conducted an investigation regarding the incident happen.

The PNP spokesman Senior Superintendent Dionardo Carlos said,”On order of the CIDG director, they are directed to stay in their respective offices to make themselves available for any queties from competent authority who have official interest in the case.”

Meanwhile, CIDG regional director Chief Superintendent Marvin Marcos defended his men saying,”Yes, we are willing to submit to any probe and cooperate,” he said. “This is alos an avenue for us, especially… the CIDG operatives who served the search warrant to clear their names and the CIDG of course. Speculations will not help in the investigation; let’s await the results of whatever investigation may come.”


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