BREAKING NEWS: This Maybe Is The CLEAREST Explanation On How And Why Espinosa Was Killed, MUST READ!

"Ano yun? Nasa kulungan na nanlaban pa?" CHOS. Maling tanong, dapat: "Nasa kulungan na, napatay nyo pa?"

Many were shocked after learning from the news that Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa, the father of alleged drug lord Kerwin, shot dead early in the morning inside his jail cell.

Until now, the details on the shooting were still sketchy.

Some netizens were clueless on how and why it happens to the Mayor.

Because of this, a netizen named Krizette Laureta Chu, tried to explain it in the clearest and simplest way.

Her Facebook posts about this issue went viral. As of this writing, it was shared more than 1,800 times.

Kindly read Chu's full posts below.

Gusto ko yung mga snarky comments ng anti Duterte people na akala mo alam na alam nila ang nangyari. Gusto ko yung nag prepretend silang tanga, kunyari di nila alam na ang makikinabang sa pagkamatay ni Espinosa si De Lima at ang mga drug lords. Kunyari pa kayo. Wag kami. Don't us.

"Ano yun? Nasa kulungan na nanlaban pa?" CHOS. Maling tanong, dapat: "Nasa kulungan na, napatay nyo pa?"

Mabilis hindi maging tanga. Magbasa ng news tungkol sa pangyayari. CIDG kasi at hindi local Baybay police ang gumawa nito. Umarte ng naaayon sa alam at ganda, bes.

1. Una sa lahat, hindi local Baybay police ang pumatay kay Espinosa. CIDG, who went there at, tadaaah, 4 am. Mga bes, alam nyo bang considered forced entry ang CIDG don? Kaya ako concerned na wala si Bato dito kasi kung nandito sya sana natawag agad sa kanya ang pagtangka ng CIDG at baka nasolusyonan. Yan ang tinatawag na timing.

"Chief Superintendent Elmer Beltejar, the Eastern Visayas police director, said there was “no coordination” with his office by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group Region 8 office, which carried out the operation.

And a source within the Leyte jail management system, who asked not to be named for lack of authority to discuss the matter, said there was a standoff and what he described as a near shootout when guards at the Baybay jail refused to allow the CIDG agents inside because they supposedly did not have copies of the

search warrants with them. The Baybay jail is under the provincial government, not the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology."

2. Who wants the head of Espinosa? Ang daming pangalan sa blue book nya. Aside from De Lima, many of Leyte's top politicians are there as protectors, including, allegedly, some of the members of one of the oldest political clans, as well as Lucy Torres Gomez's brother.

Hence, the attached photo:


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