BREAKING NEWS: Netizens on US stopped Philippines rifle sale: "Goodbye American rifle, Welcome our own rifle"

According to the report, the U.S. State Department stopped the planned sale of 26,000 assault rifles to the PNP after US Sen. Ben Cardin, the top Democrat on the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee opposed over alleged human rights violation in the country.

 Federal Philippines page on Tuesday uploaded photos of different kinds of firearms made in the Philippines with PNP chief Bato dela Rosa inspecting the guns was doing the rounds online.

 It drew cheers from the netizens after suggesting that the Philippine National Police should use Philippine made instead of purchasing from abroad. The caption reads:

Credit: United Defense Mfg. Corp.

Netizens praised the designs and agreed that Filipinos should patronize their own product because it is something that it should be proud of.

 When PNP chief dela Rosa asked his response in stopping the planned sale, he said if it will not pursue, then perhaps they will go to China. "We really wanted the U.S. rifles because these are reliable.

But if the sale will not push through, we will find another source, maybe from China," Dela Rosa said. Meanwhile, the post already generated 6,146 shares and 9,900 likes in just 4 hours after posting.

Here some of the netizens comments:
Seff Tomawis Lidasan:

The finest i ever seen specs and engraved three stars and the sun. Okay na to

Marvin Canlas Balingit:

we support philippine made! mabuhay ang pinas

Dheng Bartolome:

Our government must buy from UDMC, they must support our local arms manufacturer.

John Wick:

There's a lot of good filipino gun makers! Maybe its high time for the Phil.Govt.,to support our local Manufacturers.I remember a Story from my mentor Don Zusimo Maravilla,an NRA Member and Thunder Ranch trained in Pistol and Rifle marksmanship....he said: U know Jo,(me) i was in a gunstore in manhattan new york,and i was looking at the M16 Barrels displayed on the store,and i saw one and called the attention of an old guy,which turned out the owner of that gunstore,i told him i want to look at the one i choose and if it is ok for me,i have to buy was a 20 inches stainless steel matchgrade Barrel with Walther Luthar,engrave markings on it,one brand that every rifleman dreamed of in a rifle.but i was amazed wen that old guy,the owner told me...he qoutes asking me: Why is it you Filipinos are fonde of buying US Made M16 Barrels? Dont you know that the Best Barrels that the M16 Rifles had was in fact made in your country! It was the ELISCO TOOLS Made Barrels in fact,MADE IN PHILIPPINES!

Orlando Salvador:

Yan ang the best sariling atin.kailangan matuto na tayo na tangkilikin ang sarili nating product..


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