The United Nations and European Union teams are set to come in the Philippines early 2017 to investigate the spate killings of Duterte administration war against illegal drugs.

Jose Luis Martin “Chito” Gascon, the chairman of Commission on Human Rights (CHR) said that the UN recently accepted the invitation of Duterte administration to look the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines.

“If this team assesses that there is a backsliding or fallback in our commitment to human rights, then the GSP Plus mechanism may be in jeopardy. Since we joined in 2014, there has been significant impact in terms of our exporters and we would want this to continue,” Gascon explained

Some people signed a manifesto on Thursday to denounce extrajudicial killings.

Gascon was invited to speak during the program.

“Instead of bringing security and the rule of law, we believe that the violent campaign against the drug trade has made the country more unsafe with innocent people killed, drug lords evading arrest, and murder cases rising,” the manifesto read.

“We call on the Philippine government to condemn the murder spree, immediately solve the vigilante killings, act on the failed police operations, and serve justice to the families of the murder victims,” it added

“We hope that the war on drugs and the fight against crimes will be undertaken in a way that is consistent with the Constitution, which guarantees respect for human rights at all time,” Gascon said.


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