Former Presidential Assistant for Economic Affairs Jose Alejandrino wrote an article titled "Who is the real enemy?"

In his letter, he said that during the time of Heneral Luna, oligarchs are already controlling the country.

Alejandrino said that up until now oligarchs are destroying our institutions and even manipulating our elections.

He also said that oligarchs continue to plot the ouster of President Rodrigo Duterte.

"The oligarchs corrupted our political system. They plundered our country. They control most of the wealth of our country.

As a result, we have mass poverty. Because of mass poverty, we have illegal drugs, insurgency and terrorism.

The oligarchs plotted the assassination of Heneral Luna to make peace with the Americans. They betrayed the Philippine Revolution and the 200,000 Filipinos who shed their blood for it.

The oligarchs and their political minions destroyed our institutions. They manipulated our elections. They subverted our democracy.

Today they continue to plot ouster of a duly-elected president to prevent change.

China is not our enemy.

That is a fiction of Westerm propaganda. By interfering in our internal affairs, as it has done in the past, the US does not behave like a friend. By interfering, it will drive the Philippines towards a bloody revolution or civil war. Is that how a friend should behave?

And Uncle Sam wonders why the Philippines is changing course?

It is because Filipinos have woken up, thanks to social media and are learning the truth about themselves and Uncle Sam. The truth is bitter.

They way to reconciliation and a new relationship is for the US to recongnize its shortcomings and to make amends for them. A separated couple that is not prepared to discuss honestly their differences can only lead to divorce.

There is a Spanish saying, "Better alone than badly accompanied."


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