DU30 started with adopting and protecting merely national interest.

Now, returning from a China visit, he has just fired the United States from the South China Seas equation and prevented the US from extending their unilateral Cold War reflexes to our area.

Whether the biggies like it or not, DU30 is now a compleat world leader. A few days ago, he posted second only to the US presidential elections.

Peeved at the American false generalizing his war on drugs as extrajudicial killing and West European arrogance calling him as a serial killer, DU30’s pivot to China and Russia, has effectively crippled Barack Obama’s pivot to Asia to rebalance US military presence here by 60% by year 2020.

His arrival statement last night announces that his next move is to lock in Asean into an economic integration fueled by Chinese prosperity. When that happens, the deal can isolate Australia, the United States junior police hereabouts.

The Philippines is now chair of Asean and is completing what Lee Kuan Yew and Mohammad Mahathir failed to accomplish outside of their borders. When that happens, the South China Seas will be a trilateral lake between China, the Philippines and Asean, a reality that existed as late as the 1400s.

DU30 will talk to Korea and Japan next. If this succeeds, Korea and Japan will have to reconsider being out of a new regional loop if they cannot significantly adjust their positions with the US. When that happens, the US further loses influence in the North China Seas from Russia left of Alaska all the way down to Taiwan, reducing the US to only an Atlantic power.

In this new multi-polar world, a third world president has blown the hot air balloon of what was once tough-talking super-policeman.

Pro-American pundits are of course talking about the CIA and the yellowtards conspiring to assassinate if not unseat him. Well, this man will not leave Malacanang on the mere say-so of the US Embassy. DU30 will shoot back at any coup and can even raze the US Embassy at Roxas blvd to the ground in the same way Libyans at Benghazzi did their version killing even the US ambassador.

Up to our elections last March, we have always said the US cannot fight three wars, the first at Ukraine, the second in the Middle East and the third in Asia. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is dead because its European allies have their economic dependency on the American dollar ran to the ground. Even Germany has reassessed their relations with the US, and has gingerly taken an independent position.

Meanwhile, the Philippines is on its way to BRICS-P possibly joining Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in a new economic order representing more than half the world’s population.

Those who cannot keep up with DU30 because they read Gregorio Zaide all along in their history classes, may try to secure other versions by Teodoro Agoncillo and Renato Constantino.

Hindi pa huli.


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