Well known DLSU professor: Robredo, De Lima attacking PDuterte and democracy, but will fail

De La Salla University's Political Science Professor Antonio Contreras on Sunday said that Leni Robredo and Leila de Lima are obviously parts of a bigger plan to attack President Rodrigo Duterte.

He says that he suspects that the reason why Malacanang "appears helpless" when Vice President Robredo encroaches into the domains of Judy Taguiwalo of DSWD, Liza Largoza Maza of NAPC and Paulyn Ubial of DOH is because she is backed up by the United States and other private individuals.

"It is obvious that there is a plan to make Robredo look good, and for her to get media mileage." he wrote on his Facebook account.

He also said that Senator Leila de Lima's "hysterics" were aimed to attract attention from the International Criminal Court, designed to demonize the current administration to the foreign media.

He even cited the initiative of Dinky Soliman and Etta Rosales who filed a petition to the Miss Universe organizing committee to not hold the pageant in the Philippines, as it is a reward to Duterte's alleged disrespect for women's rights.

"This is an attack to the 16 million who voted for the President," he wrote.

"This is even an attack to democracy itself,"

He said the party behind this is using priveleges provided by democracy and is using human rights and women's rights as a way to push through with with their own political agenda.

"You may try, but this time, your people power mode will no longer work." he said.

He said nothing can delegitimize a move than it being seen as color coded as yellow.

"You will fail." Contreras added.

Read full statement of Mr. Antonio P. Contreras

Well known DLSU professor: Robredo, De Lima attacking PDuterte and democracy, but will fail



  1. Hindi ba itong Contreras kamag anank ng notorious Contreras criminal gang? Isa pa ito.

    1. Haven't you noticed that his preferred presidential candidate was Binay? No wonder .... this Contreras is another crook in disguise teaching wrong morales and values at the dela Salle .... another school of the "pseudo" intellectuals puro lang porma at kayabangan ng mga rich .... and you call this pang "masa" na school? Pweh!


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