WATCH: Trillanes Got Schooled By Senate Witness On His 'Watch Test'! Unbelievable!

The senate hearing on the alleged extrajudicial killings has once again topped the headlines after a series of heated exhanges and walk-outs transpired once again among the senators who investigate.

After Sen. Leila De Lima presented the witness identified as Edgar Matobato, who claimed to be a former hitman of President Rodrigo Duterte and was a member of the alleged Davao Death Squad, the hearing slightly shifted focus and has been to investigate the credibility of Matobato. 

On the most recent hearing yesterday, October 03, which lasted for over 12 hours, the alleged leader of the Davao Death Squad, SP03 Arthur Lascañas was present. He denied all the testimonies stated by Matobato and rather suggested that "somebody" must be behind him. However, he admitted to have been acquianted to Matobato saying, “If my memory is correct, in 1986, Edgar Matobato approached me and tried to sell me property. He said he had a friend from Samal Island who had property which was to be sold,”

This is where Senator Trillanes "tested" the credibility of Lascañas through a "watch" that he had given Matobato way back. He was trying to drive a point on how their relationship was back then, but instead, he get ridiculed for questioning. Their exhanges are as follows: 

Trillanes: "Para malaman sino nagsasabi ng totoo, ang sabi mo ang binigay mo ay segunda mano. 'Yung resibo, saka 'yung lumang relo mo, 'yun ang binigay mo?"

Lascañas: "As far as my memory is concerned, 'yun po."

Trillanes: "Kung ipapadala natin ang relo at resibo at nagkapareho ng serial number, malalaman natin sino nagsasabi ng totoo,"

Lascañas: "Kung relo lang ang basehan sa credibility, may problema tayo."

Trillanes: "Magkakaproblema ka," Trillanes replied. "I gave you an opportunity to qualify. Kung ipapadala natin ang resibo at relo at nagkapareho 'yon, wala na lahat ng sinabi mo. Kasi test of credibility 'yon."

Lascañas: "Wala pa 'kong nabasa sa libro na ang test of credibility ay relo."

Trillanes: "Pinapanindigan mo 'yan, tapos ngayon mamimilosopo ka na. Alam mo, ino-obserbahan kita. Ang demeanor mo, iba. Nakita natin si [PNP chief] Gen. [Ronald] dela Rosa, 'di ganyan. Ikaw, iba ang demeanor."

Trillanes then received different mockery over his questioning saying that he had been educated by a policeman. Lascañas is believed to have law credits which had been his basis for his statements. However, Trillanes stood by his questioning believing that he had proven Lascañas to be lying.


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