WATCH! These Female Celebrities Don't Seem To Age And Are Still Rocking, Especially #7!

Sometimes it seems that some people can defy age and retain their youthful look. This is especially evident among veteran stars who seem like they haven’t aged because of their natural good looks that have captivated many Filipinos. Here are female celebrities who seem like they haven’t aged a bit.

1.) Dawn Zulueta – 47 years old

2.) Pia Guanio – 42 years old 

3.) Zsa Zsa Padilla – 52 years old

4.) Gretchen Barretto – 46 years old

5.) Pops Fernandez – 49 years old

6.) Ruffa Gutierrez – 42 years old

7.) Eula Valdez – 47 years old

Facebook users loved the short clip showcasing these Filipina beauties, as it went viral overnight. One Filipino Facebook-er said, “They're timelessly beautiful, indeed. But those sultry, smoking-hot photos of them quite worked of photoshop. Syempre, at their ages, hindi naman na maitatago ang nakakainis na wrinkles and all that jazz, pero dahil nga maalaga sila sa kanilang kagandahan.. Tsaka nakadalawang replay na ako ng video hoping to see Ms. Alice Dixon, why isn't she here? Di ba isa rin sya sa mga tinaguriang may timeless beauty? Wala din po si Ms. Vivian Velez ?? Anyway, ang rating ko lang sa beauty nila 1-10, I'll go with 10 for each ????.”


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