WATCH! A Political Analyst Believes DU30 Can Be ‘One Of The Very Best Presidents We’ve Ever Had’

Starting out with ambitious targets and speaking in his strong tone, President Duterte has been criticized from both local and international analysts. Most of them say that his arrogance will eventually lead to his downfall and the country’s as well. 

One analyst, however, thinks he will be one of the very best that our country will have.

Edmund Tayao, Univeristy of Santo Tomas political science professor, said in interview with Tj Manotoc that President Duterte is popular with many because he addressed issues that are basic services such as criminality eradication. 

A recent Social Weather Stations survey showed that Duterte has a net satisfaction rating of +64 which is a “very good”. This survey also declares that 76% of Filipinos were satisfied with his performance while 11% were not. 

Tayao explained that he is poised to be one the “very best presidents” of our country and it’s just the wrong choice of words that is keeping him from being a unanimously accepted. 

The strong language and controversial pronouncements of the President has held him from reaching out to both local and foreign critics and citizens.

“Even with the very strong words and the supposed intent to find a more independent foreign and security policy, the downside is that it is lost in the words of the President, in the wrong choice of words. 

That is the only reason why you have all these negative comments or criticism. But if that can be improved, then I’m inclined to think that this president will end up to be one the very best presidents we’ve ever had,” according to Tayao.


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