WATCH! Krista Miller Transferred to Valenzuela City Jail, But Has An Unbelievable Revelation

Even celebrities are not safe from the drug eradication campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte, as yet another star has been caught in the crossfire. Unfortunately for this lady, she is now 5 months into her pregnancy.

The starlet Krista Miller was arrested for the violation of RA 9165 which is also known as the Dangerous Drugs Act after she was arrested last September 30 when she was caught in a buy-bust operation by undercover police. She was detained in Camp Karingal along with another arrested celebrity – former explicit actress Sabrina M. 

However, unluckily for Miller, officials have just come to know about her pregnancy as she was just about to be transferred to the Valenzuela City Jail

She was being tested in Quezon City Police District crime laboratory when the police found out about it.  

In an interview with GMA News Network, Miller said that she is fine with her pregnancy, but she misses her six-month-old baby who is now in the care of her relatives. 

Miller also said that the baby inside of her is what keeps her going and what inspires her to make a change for the better. 

She also said that she is motivated to become a new person and leave the past behind, as she faces jail time for quite a long time.

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