it seemed like controversies are yet to leave Agot Isidro. Netizens, especially Duterte supporters, were angered and flooded social media with their harsh comments against Isidro. Among those who criticized her is a De La Salle University professor. Antonio Contreras posted the article in The Manila Times. He noted how elitists who mostly supports the Liberal Party and the Aquino Dysnaty were not used to hearing out the masses. He also noted how these elitists got used to the power to control the mindsets of many. He even dragged the head of Rappler, a news online site, Maria Ressa, who is known to be very critical in terms of their articles against the administration. The professor called them 'cyber-elites', donning the yellow banner'. He ended the article with:

"It is fun to watch how these decent cyber-elites cringe and squirm, and rant, and whine and behave in ways that reveal them for what they have become, lost and disoriented, struggling to remain relevant, even to the point of contradicting themselves, keeping themselves busy fortifying the trenches of what is left of the privileged spaces of their sociological hallucinations."


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