Trillanes Admires, Defends Agot Isidro on Duterte’s “Psychopath” Comment


Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Monday defends actress Agot Isidro on the latter’s controversial comment on President Rodrigo Duterte.

In a news video shown on GMA News TV on Tuesday, Trillanes said Isidro just exercise her freedom of speech.

“Well dapat nating hangaan ang latapangan nya dahil nagkameron sya ng lakas ng loob para sabihin kung ano talaga ang saloobin nya,” the senator said referring to Isidro.

Isidro set the Social media ablaze after she posted controversial comment on her Facebookm wall saying the president is psychopath and that she know soneone who can help Duterte.
Actress Cherry Pie Picache also backed Isidro’s harsh criticism on Duterte.

Cherry Pie Picache came to the defense of her fellow actress Agot Isidro, whose post branding President Duterte as a “psychopath” went viral on social media over the weekend.
At a Mass on occasion of the World Day Against Death Penalty, Picache also reaffirmed her commitment against death penalty and the spate of extrajudicial killings.

“A colleague of mine, Agot Isidro, went viral because of her message, her opinion and her stand. I want to say that I’m one with her. We’re artists, we’re in arts and culture, but we have our own minds, conviction and principles,” she said on Monday. 


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