Teddy Casiño: You love Heneral Luna cursing Americans, why do you hate Duterte?

In a Facebook post, activist Teddy Casiño asked why Filipinos despise President Rodrigo Duterte for decreasing dependence in the United States, when they adored the film "Heneral Luna".

“Tuwang tuwa ka nang nilabanan at minura ni Hen. Luna ang mga Kano at mga tuta nila. Pero nang si Duterte ang gumawa, ayaw mo. Akala mo kasi ang pagiging makabayan ay pang pelikula lang,” Casiño said.

Love of country should not just be in the movies, he said.

Antonio Luna or commonly known as Heneral Luna, an Ilocano born in Manila, was a Filipino general who fought in the Philippine–American War.

Luna was regarded as one of the fiercest generals of his time. His Luna Defense Line, gave the American troops a hard campaign in the provinces north of Manila.


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