SHOCKING NEWS! Don't Blame Me for Bringing Prostitutes in NBP, It is Approve by Former DOJ Secretary - Rassana Roces

A government asset claimed that former sexy star Rosanna 

Roces is a mistress of a convicted drug kingpin. 

Nonila Arile named Roces while identifying the supposed masterminds and coddlers of the drug ring inside the New Bilibid Prison.

Arile was a former policeman who was arrested for kidnapping and murder.

He testified at a House inquiry, saying Roces had an affair with Vicente Sy, one of the high profile inmates at NBP.

He claimed Sy is among the top 10 big fish running the prison's drug ring.

“Kabit niya ang artista na si Rosana Roces, alyas Rosang. Protektor niya ang mga PDEA sa Quezon City,” he said. Arile's drug list included Ben Marcelo, Sam Li Chua, Peter Co, Willy Yang, Robert Lee, Willy Ang, Jackson Lee, and aliased “Tom” and “Tatay Angste".

Arile said he started working as an asset of Criminal Investigation and Detection Group's police Senior Superintendent Jerry Valeroso in 2014.

Meanwhile, Roces has yet to comment on the matter.


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