SHOCKING NEWS! Chinese Richest Wang Jianlin Buys Duterte's Painting For $3M (P 145M)

China's billionaire and richest man Wang Jianlin has purchased a painting of the President of the Philippines for a whooping sum of $3 million equivalent to 145 million Philippines Peso.

The painting was in display in Hollywood where he was shopping for his media company.
According to a source at the shop, the paintings was specially made ahead of his coming since they were hinted that the president of Philippines if his close ally.
The name of the painter has been withheld for security reasons but in the due time, the filipino painter who is $3m richer would come out to share his joy.

Wang Jianlin media conglomerate, Dalian Wanda Group, has aggressively expanded into the U.S. film industry. The company, which already owns the nation’s second-largest theater chain and a major U.S. film producer, recently signed a deal to invest in Sony Pictures movies.


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