According to Inquirer, the results of a survey conducted by polling group Social Weather Stations (SWS), showed the risen of corruption in the government during the last 2 months of former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino. The 2016 Survey of Enterprises on Corruption found that 63 percent of Filipino executives saw “a lot” of corruption.

"This was an increase from the 56 percent recorded in 2013 and was “disappointingly far” above the record low of 43 percent in 2012," SWS president Mahar K. Mangahas said on Wednesday.

“(Over the) last four years, the effort against corruption started very well and was maintained up to 2015. But there was backsliding in 2016,” Mangahas added. The survey was conducted from February to May this year in seven locations across the country. 950 Filipino executives were asked about their opinions and experiences about the corruption.

Survey results showed that 35 percent of the executives were found to have had personal knowledge of a corrupt transaction with government over the previous three months while the survey was being conducted. This was an increase from the record low of 32 percent in 2015.

Bribes were also found to be a common occurrence in dealing with government.

According to the survey, 42 percent of the executives said most companies in their sector of business were giving bribes to win public sector contracts. This was an increase from the record low of 39 percent as in 2015. However, 65 percent of executives whose enterprises gave bribes to certain government officials did not report the incident because “nothing would be done anyway.”

The Bureau of Customs was rated “very bad” garnering a score of -68, while the Land Transportation Office was rated “bad” with a score of -49, while the Securities and Exchange Commission, was rated “very good” (+69), the highest score among the agencies.


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