United States over 38 countries has no visa policy, including European Union, Caribbean countries, Switzerland, Chile, Australia, New Zealand and Asian countries, (Brunie, Japan, Singapore, Sounth Korea and Taiwan.) Many Filipino’s said that why we do not get fair when it comes on visa policy, because if Filipino People travel to United States, they were getting a hard time for US visa, and mostly Filipino being denied their visa. But American people can enter the Philippines any time they want for visa free.

it was really sad to think that most Filipino's who want to travel in US, after a long and bloody process of requirements, they are just being denied only in one embassy interview.

Some netizen shared their frustrating experienced when applying for a visa and being denied.

From Wendy Garrido Balmoja,

my hubby had a very frustrating experience when he applied for a visa years ago...he had an invitation from his mother's surgeon to come to hawaii since she's very ill and no companion nor family member to stay with her and take care of her...despite that and notwithstanding that my hubby is with the presidential management staff, office of the president, he was still denied the visa..he applied again and was denied again until his mother died without him seeing heartless and cruel if you may ask...since then, even if we have the means to travel in the US we never did tried to apply for a visa again!!

From Ndang M Braceros,

when i applied for a visa for medical purpose, and kahit na may letter kalakip from a congressman of north carolina together with my papers of approval from a hospital in charlotte. i was still denied, even if im a live kidney donor for my brother. yung consul who interviewd me ay asian, she just asked me 3 questions, and when she knew im a nurse, she immediately says sorry your denied. grabe na awa ako sa brother ko, his in dialysis for 4yrs, 3x a week.. ilang needles din kaya dinaanan ko just to complete and passed the screening test for a live kidney donor, not to mention the money spent for the laboratory screens requested..

Ndang M Braceros who recently applied a visa was experienced a hard time to passed the screening test to avail US visa. she was urgent need a US visa to donate her kidney for brother who experiencing dialysis for 4 years.

Now can someone leave a comment to define what “special ties” really mean? Especially both countries of United States and Philippines allied means.


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