PWEDENG PWEDE; Asia’s Strongman: Paramount Pictures to Produce True-to-Life Story Film of Rodrigo Duterte

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is attracting not only the attention of world leaders and human rights groups, but also film production companies.

Duterte referred by Malaysian media as the “Asia’s new strongman” is the subject of several Hollywood film production companies, especially Columbia and Paramount Pictures.

American independent filmmaker David Mann said his group has already received a favorable response from the Presidential Communications Office for a possible depiction of Duterte’s life on a non-documentary film.

Mann, working for Paramount Pictures said he already drafter a story ever since Duterte was still a Mayor of Davao City. Mann gained interest after staying in Davao for 5 months in 2009 when he filmed his short documentary about Davao Crocodile Farms. He said he talked to the then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte several times during his stay in Davao.

“I’m glad that the President still remembers and knows me. I think this is a big factor why he showed interest in giving me a chance to portray his life on film”, Mann said.

Mann said the film would only focus life of the president and his rise to power. He added that alleged killings will not be included as these are just hearsays until proven by the court.
Mann with his group is expected to come to the Philippines on November 15 to discuss the possible project with the president.

“President Duterte has been depicted dozens of times on video games as a strong man who destroy bad guys, but the film will be more on drama and has no violent action”, Mann said
Mann also added that 70% of the film’s net revenue will finance drug rehabilitation centers in the Philippines.


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