ONCE AGAIN: G Tongi Hits Duterte Over Obama Tirades!

Pres. Duterte has been in headlines for weeks now because of his remarks and tirades over USA Pres. Barrack Obama.  Because of this, Pres. Duterte once again gained criticisms and hate from netizens. One of these netizens is model and actress Giselle “G” Tongi Walters who took to her Instagram account to post her opinion.

The 38-year old actress criticize Pres. Duterte’s form of language and called it “unpresidential”. She expressed her disagreement over Duterte’s way of communicating with international leaders such as Pres. Obama. She also mentioned the rising number of death happening in the country due to Duterte’s war against drugs. 

The US-based actress seemed to be doubtful if the country will be able to survive Duterte’s administration for the next 6 years. She also said that she expects hate comments from other netizens but it would be more favorable for her if they will be honest about the real situation of the country.

“What people fail to see is that this is my president too. I am still a Filipino through & through! But for God's sake, enough of the trash talking! It's downright unpresidential & unbecoming of anyone to have to use this language. Less than 100 days in office, over 3000 dead & counting, the daily rants... how can we tolerate this for 6 whole years? I expect the nonsensical bashing coz of this post but if you could truly share how you feel as a Filipino, I'd appreciate it way more than the name calling please? #BeConcerned #letsBeCritical #ThisIsOurFuture #NoNeedToBeVile#JustBeHonest” Tongi posted with a screen capture of GMA News showing Duterte with headline “Duterte: Mr. Obama, you can got to hell.”

Meanwhile, Tongi made headlines before as he slammed Duterte for his foul language.

ONCE AGAIN: G Tongi Hits Duterte Over Obama Tirades! Must Read!


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